What is love magic?

Love magic is a senes of techniques or practices that help you achieve a sense of harmony within yourself and with your loved ones, which in turn enhances your ability to nurture and improve the quality of your relationships. There is no “right” way to practice love magic. There are many ideas culled from a number of traditions, philosophies and cultures on how to incorporate the beauty of love magic into your life. It is up to you to tailor these ideas to your lifestyle and circumstances. Traditionally, in Western magic, witches were often approaehed to work spells, brew potions and make amulets to attract lovers and friends. The spells that worked the best were often those that attracted compatible people to each other. In “white” witchcraft, the manipulation of people for inharmonious purposes was avoided at all costs because of ethical reasons and the magical backlash that invariably occurred.
In modern Western pagan movements and ancient Eastern sex magic traditions, the strong force of energy released at the climax of the sexual act was rceognized as being one of the most powerful ways of gaining spiritual awakening. These are very powerful practices that are beyond the scope of this site.
However, aspects of how harmony can be achieved between human beings can be learned from the masters of the Indian tradition of Tantric yoga. They believed that to truly enjoy our relationships we must be in harmony with ourselves, each other and the rhythms of the natural world around and above us, such as the sun, moon and the planets. How to attain this sense of harmony and use it to heal or deepen our relationships is one of the most important purposes of this blog.